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San Diego Restaurants, Bars, Nightlife & Events


San Diego Restaurants CaliforniaJames Hickey and John Granskou welcome you to Sunny San Diego Restaurants, San Diego Nightlife, Local Spots, Fun Places and Events. Southern California is warm, inviting and has great offers by San Diego Restaurants, Bars, Night Life, Hotels, Entertainment Venues and Great Shopping while you soak in your conference or are just visiting.

John Granskou experienced the San Diego Restaurants, Bars and San Diego Nightlife at a 2012 Event the SEO & Website Design Conference.

It was perfect weather as the sun and stars were out all week during his stay and to match perfect San Diego Restaurant meals and San Diego Night Life hospitality at San Diego Restaurants and bars, far better than the sub-zero temperatures he had to endure that February in his home town north of the border Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.  John was born in Chicago Illinois, USA.

He says the first time he visited San Diego was not going to be the last, and has returned a number times since to frequent San Diego Restaurants, local spots, bars, events and enjoy the warm hospitality of San Diego Nightlife.

Being new to the area on Johns first visit to the Gas Lamp District of San Diego, he was overwhelmed from the selection of San Diego Nightlife Venues and San Diego Restaurant Menus to sample during his stay. He walked the streets of San Diego in awe of the Gas Lamp District and saw its locals oozing out into the streets of San Diego from its vibrant Nightlife. Even on a Monday Night the Night Life is Very Vibrant, John was only able to compare it to a Busy Saturday night during the back to school season in his home town.

After the week-long SEO Event in the final networking wine and cheese party, John met a local called James Hickey. That night John got treated like a local and was invited to see the Gaslamp District with an awesome guy James Hickey a Social Media Guru.  Funny Story: Johns enthusiasm for checking spots out in the city of San Diego, rocketing for one local spot to another, so much so that the locals were to laid back to keep up, this earned him the nick name Johnny Rocket as he launched from one venue to another.  Also his reputation in SEO and sky rocketing websites to the top of Google with his SEO Efforts and skills.

This was HUGE for John because this guy is a Social Media King and formally radio announcer, producer and just a really nice guy. As he toured John about the Gaslamp not once but twice. We did not wait in line or even pay cover charge at the packed venues. John speaks volumes of his warm stay and fun times in San Diego daily. So much so that John saw to it that he make it his livelihood and joined efforts with James Hickey in supporting San Diego Local Spots, Bars, Restaurants, Events and began a 3 year development effort to begin in the 100th anniversary of the city of San Diego with SanDiegoLocalSpots.com for its locals and visitors like himself.

James Hickey and John Granskou had a few brief phone conversations over the years.  John saw to it the goal was met and the website be completed on time for San Diego’s 100th Birthday of 2015. James beginning Local Marketing Efforts and took the reins with Social Media and getting word out about San Diego Local Spots.

San Diego Restaurants & Local Foodie Favorites

San Diego Restaurants, Bars, Nightlife & Events

San Diego Restaurants & Local Foodie Favorites

When John was faced with a magnitude of options no matter which direction he looked, he wished San Diego had resources to assess local feedback from the locals on the choices he had.  Outside of the mass-produced and somewhat helpful touristic literature he had no idea who the locals preferred and how to avoid the venues during over crowded busy hours.

He was interested in experiencing the city San Diego Style with the locals. Finding niche restaurants that were quaint, quiet and willing to offer him a deal to get his business and fill their venue with vibrant and knowledgeable locals.

The local websites John used as resource seamed to be promoted corporate more so the by locals and visitors of the venues and menus in San Diego.

If he knew when and where lineups were shortened during their down times John would had been able to cover more of San Diego during his stay if he had a way of knowing that information.  Solving these problems for locals voices, tourism resource, peaking a businesses downtime and increasing local frequency loyalty is the focus of SanDiegoLocalSpots.com and AppyHour.Club.

Creating the website SanDiegoLocalSpots.com and the App, available at AppyHour.Club will help both Locals and Visitors find shorter lineups during a venues slower non peak hours and allow businesses to increase local visitors by rewarding their frequent loyalty.  Download AppyHour.Club and follow at #appyhourclub on twitter.

San Diego Nightlife, Clubs & Bars

Night Life & Bars San Diego

Local Go in San Diego Nightlife, Clubs & Bars

After hit and miss success for a week of wandering the streets of the Gaslamp Quarter, 16 square blocks of menus and venues.  John finally paired up with a local called James Hickey, this guy is awesome.  John finally was shown how to live like a local in San Diego.

Where to go at what times for the best deals.  How to avoid long lineups and taste the local cuisine and brewers of San Diego.  This is where John sampled San Diego's best local brewers and different local spots.  He highly recommends the IPAs of San Diego.

John was amazed what the locals shared with him.  Roof top Bars with swimming pools and hot tubs, underground dance clubs, some do not go venues we passed.  San Diego is Americas Finest City without the prices of mega cities.  Perfect weather, even if it rains the sky is still blew John says.

Download AppyHour.Club and follow at #appyhourclub on twitter for updates on the local scene, saving time and money learning venues downtime if earn loyalty rewards for frequency to your favorites. Join our FaceBook Page at sandiegolocalspots

San Diego Events

Events are just around the corner on any given week in San Diego.  Here you can share and explore what adventures are upcoming or presently occurring in town.  When John was at his many SEO and Mobile Marketing conferences he was overwhelmed with the openness the locals showed him and please to know if he needed any help that assistance was only a question away by asking a local for directions or their opinion of the options available to him.

Without understanding the urban landscape of the city he was responsible for investigating transportation options and sites to see outside the Gaslamp sector.

So John made it easier for you to venture abroad the San Diego core with a dozen main categories and more subcategories.  For example if you wish to get a haircut, grocery products or visit museums, art galleries or if you are just looking for a health club.  Touring San Diego on peddles or metal can be done with bike and car rentals.

About IQWaterloo

It has been a privilege serving users of our online communities all since 2001.  It has also been a challenge keeping up with your valuable input on how you feel about our Websites features and functions.   It took us some time but we gladly surmounted to the challenge and programmed those ideas and input right into San Diego's new website.  SanDiegoLocalSpots.com idea was conceived by John Granskou (Johnny Rocket) in 2012 at the San Diego office of James Hickey.  So as you can ascertain we have been very creative and busy upgrading this New SanDiegoLocalSpots.com Website features and functions since 2012.  We value your feedback always on SanDiegoLocalSpots.com moving forward.

About JMH Marketing

San Diego has been home to James Hickey since 1982. He was a business owner of 6 gas stations, 5 in San Diego and 1 in Lake Tahoe. During the 2000's he help start San Diego Online Radio, from 2003-2009 the online radio show provided current information about San Diego restaurants, nightclubs and events.

In 2007, James changed his career to become a Digital/Social Media Marketing Consultant to business owners and start-up companies. He has lived in Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach, Point Loma and then we moved to Gaslamp in 2010. He has worked with many of the bars and restaurants in the downtown San Diego area. He has also been promoting events and music festivals for many of San Diego's best events.

In 2012, he ran into John Granskou at Internet Marketing event and ended up showing him all the best places in San Diego where the locals go. He and John met one year later when they came up with the concept of San Diego Local Spots. With John's web design and SEO skills, along with James and his Social Media and Search Marketing expertise, SanDiegoLocalSpots.com will be a huge asset for people who live in San Diego, just moved here or are just visiting during a vacation or a conference.

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